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Welcome to ICIPH

International Centre for Interfaith, Peace & Harmony (ICIPH) provides a channel for both Local and International Communities to receive accurate information about situation in Nigeria.

The idea behind establishment of a specialized Interfaith Center in Nigeria to address inter-religious conflicts was borne out of a fact-finding mission undertaken in May 2012 by an international delegation of Muslim and Christian leaders led by the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Royal Jordanian Aal Al-Bayt Institute of Islamic Thought [RABIIT]. According to the “Fact-finding Report”, the delegation’s visit was proposed in reaction to the numerous incidents of fierce inter-communal strives which tremendously affected the lives of Nigerians during the period 2000 to 2012, especially knowing that -at least since the Bosnian war of 1993 to 1995- Nigeria is the only country in the world where most severe inter-communal violence between Christians and Muslims was experienced.

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This platform

Would serve as reference point for ideas

And initiatives aimed at reconciliations and healing of identified victims.

ICIPH Projects

The ICIPH aims at bringing together:

Local and International Faith based Agencies and Experts in conflict transformation to address Interfaith relationships in Nigeria in collaboration with Quasi-Governmental Organisations, National and International NGOs. Not by any means the least, ICIPH shall also deploy resources to enable voices of victims especially women and children to be heard and provide examples of inter-religious good practice to be shared around the world.

Interreligious Collaboration

Collaborations with other interreligious initiatives working in Nigeria to make use of their contacts and experiences for betterment of interfaith relations…

Humanitarian activities

Cooperation with other NGOs of proven track record on humanitarian action, such as Human Rights Watch to achieve results …

Help Rendering

Provide accurate information relating to vulnerable groups who are victims of violence, in particular those involving women and children. …


Act as model for other similar Centers to be established in other regions/countries where there is interreligious conflict …

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